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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reliance ito ring in one world in a phone

Necessity is the mother of invention. Customers wish it,want it and lo! have it!

Reliance to ring in one world in a phone

Nazia Vasi & Partha Sinha | TNN

Mumbai: You are vacationing in California this summer. The food is good as is the weather. But lugging around two mobile phones—one GSM for folks at home to get in touch and the other CDMA for local US calls—is proving to be more tiresome than you anticipated. Well, help is at hand for harried travellers and peripatetic corporate executives. Its called the world phone: a single phone that supports both GSM and CDMA mobile technologies.
   Already supported by service providers like China Unicom, Pelephone (Israel), Sprint Nextel (USA), Telus Mobility (Canada), Verizon Wireless (USA) and VIVO (Brazil), now Anil Ambani's Reliance Infocomm is toying with the idea of introducing the world phone for its Indian customers.
   Once adopted, this device will enable Reliance globe trotting CDMA subscriber to hook on to a mobile network when travelling to GSM regions like Europe. Manufactured by LG, Samsung and Motorola with Qualcomm's CDMA-GSM (dual-mode) chipset the best part of this technolo gy is that the subscriber can seamlessly convert to either technology, GSM or CDMA without changing the number or the sim card of the phone.
   So how does the world phone work? Nikhil Jain, chief technology advisor at Qualcomm, India said, "We have de signed special chips compatible to both GSM and CDMA technologies. Phones inserted with these chipsets then have the capability to switch between technologies, whichever is available in a particular region.''
   Adding that, "I won't be surprised if few years down the line all the phones become multi-mode phones.''
   The world mode phone is available globally for anywhere between $350-450 (Rs 15,800-20,200), depending on a one or two year contract with the service provider. Tariffs are also high, compared to international roaming charges. Verizon charges anywhere between $1.29- 4.99 for a GSM call and 69 cents for a CDMA call.
,800-20,200)    Though relatively expensive it is truly the converged mobile device.   "The world phone, although relatively expensive, has tremendous potential,'' an analyst said. "It is truly the converged mobile device, which can do almost all your office work anywhere, at anytime.'' CONNECTING PEOPLE It is a single phone supporting both GSM & CDMA technologies It is coming to India with Anil Ambani planning to introduce it for domestic customers LG, Samsung and Motorola manufactured, Qualcomm's CDMA-GSM chipset fitted phone helps seamless conversion into either technology, with the same sim It is freely available globally under the price-band of $350-450 (Rs 15


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